A New Journal: Journal for the History of Reformed Pietism

A new journal about the history of Reformed pietism in the early modern period has seen been launched: Journal for the History of Reformed Pietism (JHRP). The journal is a blind-review online journal, and is worldwide accessible.
The goal of JHRP is to provide a platform for the study of forms of Reformed pietism beyond the boundaries of language, country and confession it. Examples include the international influence of the English Puritanism, and the connections of Puritanism and further reformation of German Lutheran Pietism.
The editors are Prof. dr. W.J. op 't Hof, VU University Amsterdam, and Dr. Jan van de Kamp, University of Bremen / Free University Amsterdam. They are advised by a group of leading researchers in the field of pietism,  inlcuding Dr. Joel Beeke (Grand Rapids), Dr. Philip Benedict (Geneva),  Dr. Fred van Lieburg (Amsterdam), and Dr. Richard A. Muller (Grand Rapids).
The journal can be consulted free of charge via http://jhrp.godgeleerdheid.vu.nl/index.php/jhrp. This website is open for registration and login.