New England Baptist Alvah Hovey: A Later Chapter in Baptist Edwardsianism

Matthew C. Shrader


Historians have long recognized the influence of Jonathan Edwards upon Baptist theology. The extent of this influence, both in terms of content and duration, is continually being explored. This essay seeks to add to the study of Baptist Edwardsianism by exploring the theology of Alvah Hovey, who was the long-time professor and president of Boston-based Newton Theological Institute. The argument of this essay is that significant Edwardsian themes are present in Hovey’s theology. Hovey evidences similar concerns as the Edwardsians, was admittedly influenced by prominent Edwardsians on Edwardsian themes, held key Edwardsian doctrines, and taught this Edwardsian-influenced theology to more than half a century of Baptist seminary students in New England during the second half of the nineteenth century.


American Religious History

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